The best of digital and physical

A common trait of most successful leaders from both incumbents and disruptors focus as much on things like logistics, manufacturing, and distribution as they do on digital innovation. In fact, many established companies are successfully countering young upstarts in other creative ways, and many new organizations are learning from their older brethren.

Siegel shows how to create lasting profits and growth in the smartest way possible: by creating a solid partnership between digital innovation and traditional business operations―in other words, by marrying brains and brawn.

The book is structured around several finely crafted case studies including:

Align Technology transformed orthodontia by developing creative new business models along with new products.

Kaiser Permanente taps into the power of empathy to improve patient satisfaction while controlling costs.

Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot found different ways to blend the best aspects of physical retail with innovative e-commerce.

Desktop Metal is innovating high-volume yet affordable production methods that can revolutionize manufacturing.


While Akiro Protech is a old school manufacturing company, our focus is on innovation. Innovating in products, processes, quality control, digitising all records, cutting edge ERP systems for traceability, quality control and production planning, business analytics, digital media presence and more. This is how we are different to other oldre companies in this segment.