• An entire portfolio

    of raw materials

    Our AkiroTex and AkiroUD productlines are being used as key raw material for body armor Worldwide.

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  • Intricate Fabric & UD

    Designs using UHMWPE & para-aramid fibers

    Our wide range of product lines spanning ultra fine denier and soft fabrics and UD to heavy fabrics spanning all body armor applications.

  • Key materials for

    Helmets & Plates

    Our AkiroUD range of UD materials and prepregs are the key components for making helmets and body armor plates.

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What is AkiroUD?


Unidirectional Tape

Using UHMWPE and para-aramid fibers
AkiroUD is our flagship Unidirectional tape fabric product. These use both ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and para-aramid fibers. They range from 50 gsm to 510 gsm, and fit a broad range of applications.

Our Production Setup

Processing UHMWPE & aramid filaments, one at a time

Case Studies of AkiroUD use

in Body Armor Applications

Vests & Jackets

Soft armor applications
AkiroUD is used for cutting edge body armor applications including the lightest and comfortable vests to bullet resistant jackets.

Innovative designs combine the best of AkiroUD with AkiroTex fabrics to get the best in class performance.

Torso Plates

Hard armor
AkiroUD is the material of choice for all upper torso hard armor plate inserts. These predominantly use AkiroUD with UHWMPW fibers.

Lightweight plates made using AkiroUD effectively neutralise several rifle gun fire ammuninition including AK47 and the NATO Ball.

Ballistic Helmets

Hard armor
AkiroPreg coated fabrics are used in the traditional helmets while AkiroUD is used for lightweight higher performance helmets.

AkiroUD designed helmets elevate the performance to stop higher energy ammunition.


Product Portfolio