Akiro Protech is pleased to announce the launch of its Akiron series of composite fabrics. 

The Akiron series of composite fabrics deliver performance while maintaining a low weight and very high tensile properties and toughness. They are being deployed for use in outer carriers, plate carriers, bags, pouches and other accessories.  The Akiron series is very compatible for being laser cut with precise dimension cuts, and can tolerate very high loads.

Robert Siegal's ‘The Brains and Brawn Company: How Leading Organizations Blend the Best of Digital and Physical’'  holds multiple lessons for companies like Akiro Protech. The venture capitalist and Stanford Business School lecturer demonstrates that, while important, digital is only part of the answer―and it’s never the only answer. 

Can prepregs replace UD? This is the million dollar question researchers at Akiro Protech are investigating with their research into new resins, formulations and coatings.

Some pundits have compared Akiro Protech to a global foundry of sorts. It has invested in equipment for all types of materials required in the armor industry, and customers worldwide approach it with specific custom products that suit their individual needs. 

Army Capt. Kim Pierre-Zamora remembers the protective vest she was issued when she went to basic training a number of years ago. It was a size medium that hung down too far and made it difficult for her to even bend over to pick up something.

How does the future hold for the armor industry? Not much has changed in the past twenty years. Here is a view from the Engineers at Akiro Protech.

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