Future of armor

The nineties saw the introduction of unidirectional tape products using UHMWPE and aramid yarn. The nineties also saw consolidation of the ballistic testing standards, and better definition of ammunition and velocities. In the late nineties, the US army began procurement of large quantities of Interceptor armor vests, and Small arms protective inserts (SAPI). SAPI ushered in a new generation of lightweight insert plates hitherto unknown.


About Akiro Protech

Akiro Protech is a world leader in fabrics, prepregs and UD fabrics that employ high performance fibers such as ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, para aramid, carbon etc. These world class products are used in the industry to convert them into products such as body armor, helmets, platform armor, spall liners etc. Akiro Protech's manufacturing facilities are located in Bangalore, India.