Akiro Protech is a leading supplier of Unidirectional tape fabrics under the brand name AkiroUD® for the composite and armor industries. Our high performance UD lines use UHMWPE or para aramid filament yarn. 




Akiro Protech produces coated fabrics and prepregs under the brand AkiroPreg® that are used in the composite and defence industries. These are offered in para -aramid, UHMWPE and Nylon substrates.


Our woven fabric line includes multiple proprietary designs - twill, plain and satin, all under the trade name AkiroTex®

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Published On: 05 Sep, 2021

Akiro Protech establishes itself as a one stop shop for all things related to armor and life protection. In the past, armor producers would have to go...

Published On: 19 Sep, 2021

Some pundits have compared Akiro Protech to a global foundry of sorts. It has invested in equipment for all types of materials required in the armor ...

Published On: 07 Sep, 2021

How does the future hold for the armor industry? Not much has changed in the past twenty years. Here is a view from the Engineers at Akiro Protech.

Published On: 03 Jan, 2021

Fibers and fabrics have been historically used for applications involving high speed impact, such as mountain climbing, parachutes, arrest cables for ...

Published On: 09 Sep, 2021

Can prepregs replace UD? This is the million dollar question researchers at Akiro Protech are investigating with their research into new resins, formu...

Published On: 12 Sep, 2021

Army Capt. Kim Pierre-Zamora remembers the protective vest she was issued when she went to basic training a number of years ago. It was a size medium ...